How to Make Handmade Baby Dress and Shoes For Your Baby

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Want to give something really special for your little one? The best thing you can do is to come up with something you made like a handmade dress for your baby and its matching handmade baby shoes. Not only does this make you appreciate parenting even more, you get to know your child in a more intimate way.

-The first thing to do is get the measurements of your little one. Get a measuring tape and jot down the figures. Jotting down makes you determine how much fabric you will use when making for the handmade baby dress and handmade baby shoes. To make shoes for the little one, get the size of the feet.

- Once you are done with measurements, it’s time to come up with a design. There are many ways to get inspiration; you can get ideas from the web and from many pattern or baby magazines. Just make sure that what you see will help you come up with a design that is completely yours. As soon as you are ready, shop for the fabrics. Make sure that the fabric that you plan to use is made from natural fibers. You need to consider the type of fabric that is suited for your child’s sensitive skin. This makes the fabric durable and breathable.

- Now that you are done with the shopping, it is time to make the pattern of your handmade bay dress and handmade baby shoes. Some designs come up with a ready pattern; on the other hand, you can use these patterns to make your own. Use pins to attach the patterns and then trace it on the fabric using a tailor’s chalk. Once you are done, you can cut the patterns. Use basting stitch to give you a clearer picture on how to assemble the clothing.

- Use a sewing machine to sew the handmade baby dress together. If you are patient enough, then you can do it by hand. Once you are done sewing, you can put any embellishments like pockets, zippers, collar, among others.

- When making the handmade baby shoes, you can easily use the shape of the feet as the basis of the pattern. Sew the baby shoes at the wrong side until you are able to sew all the seams. Fit the handmade baby shoes on the child to see if it really fits. The same thing will apply on the dress. Although some would advice to wash the baby dress first, if the fabric is clean, then just slip it on to your child.

- Now that you are done with the handmade baby dress and baby shoes, you can come up with other items that go well with your newly made handmade baby dress and handmade baby shoes. Items could be bags, hats, and vests. You will have to prepare a pattern for every clothes you make.


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